Вrеaking: Оnе Рlayer Ѕаt During Тhе Nаtiоnal Аnthеm Оn Моnday Night Fооtball аnd Lооk Whо It Iѕ!!


Nearly 24 hours after the worst mass shooting in America’s history left 59 people dead in Las Vegas, the NFL took the gridiron on Monday night. Sadly, one of the NFL’s stars took a seat during the national anthem.

On September 28, Stephen Paddock, 64, checked himself in to a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort on the Vegas strip. Days later, on October 1, using one of many automatic weapons at his side, Paddock sprayed bullets at the 22,000 concert goers 32 floors beneath him. As noted, Paddock killed 59 people, and caused injuries for more than 500 others. He also left an entire country is in mourning.

The pain of losing our fellow Americans goes beyond words I can describe. Killing innocent people for no reason makes no sense. And so we try to hold each other and make the pain go away.

I was hoping the NFL would put its best foot forward on Monday night to help soothe a nation in pain. But I hoped for something the league is not capable of.

Marcus Peters of the KC Chiefs became the second most hated man in America on Monday night. He sat during the national anthem despite the events in Las Vegas. As shown in the photograph, his teammate tried to block the cameras.

If there is any justice, Peters who plays defensive back for the Chiefs, got burnt on a pass play and as a result the Redskins scored a touchdown.